Green h2 gaining momentum to 25% of world Energy 2050

In a significant development, the EU has earmarked €6.9 billion for carbon-free hydrogen projects, heralding a new era in sustainable energy. Eco Energy World stands at the forefront of this transformative journey, ready to lead the green hydrogen revolution.

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EEW partners with Grupo COBRA Australia to develop a 200 MWdc Solar Farm plus 50MW BESS 

EEW Eco Energy World (“EEW”), an independent global pure-play renewable energy projects developer, has announced a partnership to develop a 200 MWdc solar PV farm plus 50 MW BESS (battery energy storage system) project with Grupo COBRA, a reputable global industrial and energy services group. The project, located in Queensland, Australia, is set to reach ready-to-build status within 2024.

The solar plus BESS project, once completed, will generate clean and sustainable energy in excess of 400 GWh annually, sufficient to power approximately 72,500 households. This will reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 260,000 metric tons per year, equivalent to permanently taking around 93,000 cars off the road.

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Grid Investment Needs to Double, Reaching Up to $600 Billion

Our journey to a sustainable energy future is fundamentally dependent on the modernization of power grids. Despite a surge in renewable energy investments, the progress is hampered by outdated infrastructure, acting as a major bottleneck.

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Massive Growth in Global Battery Storage Boosts Renewable Energy Shift

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are at the forefront of the renewable energy transition, essential for grid stabilization and climate action. Europe’s ambitious plan to quintuple its BESS capacity from 10GW today to 57GW by 2030 reflects a commitment to renewable integration. Similarly, Australia targets a boost from 2.2 GW to 19 GW to meet emission reductions, emphasizing the role of both pumped hydro and large-scale battery storage.

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UK's Green Revolution: Leading the Way in Emissions Reduction and Economic Growth
Global Carbon Pricing: The answer to Global Net Zero

Carbon emissions are everyone’s concern. They don’t respect borders or boundaries. If one nation curbs its carbon, yet its neighbour doesn’t, we all suffer. The only true solution is one that rewards reducers and penalizes emitters on a global scale. Currently, carbon pricing only tackles 25% of global emissions. This isn’t enough.

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“Thank you to Mick de Brenni MP, Minister for Energy, Renewables, and Hydrogen, and Mr. Dave Stewart, Agent-General Queensland Trade and Investment Commissioner Europe, for the exquisite dinner in London. I was honoured to participate. EEW is delighted to be part of Australia and Queensland’s transition to renewable energy. I’m impressed by your renewable energy goals and commend Queensland for leading the way – a model for other states and countries to emulate.”

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15 years at Іntersolar Munich😊 with Eew team👏🏻
The way Eco Energy World wants to lead the Swedish energy transition

Interest in sustainable energy is increasing and thus also interest in solar parks. Here, Eco Energy World (EEW) is one of the leading developers who are now accelerating the work for Sweden’s energy transition.

 If we enter the stock market, the possibilities also open up for investments in our growing solar energy, hydrogen and battery storage, says Svante Kumlin, CEO and founder of EEW.

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Roundtable discussion

I had the pleasure of
attending the Roundtable discussion with Hon Fiame Naomi Mata’afa, Prime
Minister of Samoa, The Rt Hon Chris Skidmore, MP, and Australia’s
Ambassador for Climate Change, Ms Kirsten Tilley
#climatechange We are heading against + 2.4 c 2050. What are you doing to change that and get to back to + 1.5 c our Net zero target?

Svnate Kumlin Sweden

This is how Eco Energy World wants to lead the Swedish energy transition

Interest in sustainable energy is increasing and thus also interest in solar parks. Here, Eco Energy World (EEW) is one of the leading developers who are now accelerating the work for Sweden’s energy transition.

With our entry on the Nasdaq stock exchange in the USA, planned for 2023, opportunities are now opening up for investments in our growing energy stock, says Svante Kumlin, CEO and founder of EEW.

In recent years, Sweden and many other countries have faced major challenges in the energy sector as a result of the current world situation. The electricity shortage has led to record high electricity prices which hit society and the population hard.

Renewable electricity is a step and a requirement to secure the energy supply going forward, contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and the electrification of society. We can contribute an important piece of the puzzle with our battery parks where it is possible to store a large amount of energy in combination with hybrid solar parks which are now on the way, says Svante Kumlin.

Today, solar energy makes up a small part of Sweden’s electricity production, but Svante Kumlin believes that will change in the future.

Solar energy has many advantages, especially in combination with other fossil-free energy solutions so that we reduce dependence on the weather. We see great opportunities for the market in Sweden and believe that large-scale solar parks will make up a large part of increasing electricity production in the country in the short term.

Want to lead the changeover

EEW develops solar parks all over Sweden and is today one of the leading developers in Sweden. The main focus has previously been on solar cell parks, but now battery parks are also an important part of the portfolio as well as hydrogen projects. In Sweden, EEW’s current project reaches almost 1 GW in its later stages of development. The company’s rapidly growing number of energy storage projects will be able to produce green, renewable energy for the Swedish electricity grid within the next few years.

 Larger investments are required to be able to reach the climate goals that Sweden has set with zero emissions by 2045. Above all, more renewable electricity production and more energy storage are required. We want to help lead that transition and at the same time create a more flexible electricity network, concludes Mutaz Alkiswani, project development manager in Sweden.

About Eco Energy World

EEW is headquartered in London and operates worldwide. The company has developed solar parks with a capacity of up to 1.5 GW distributed across Europe and Australia and has a project portfolio totaling 10 GW under development. The goal for the Swedish market is to achieve a pipeline of 2.4 GW by 2030.

In October 2022, EEW merged with ClimateRock via a SPAC transaction, with the aim of listing on the NASDAQ stock exchange in New York in 2023. The deal valued EEW at $650 million and allows the company to continue its aggressive growth strategy.

After the publication of this and other articles about Mr.Kumlin, and following the resolution of legal action, Realtid wishes to make clear that the article is not intended to suggest that Mr.Kumlin, whether directly or through any of the companies mentioned, has engaged in any wrongful conduct and we are happy to apologize to Mr.Kumlin for any personal distress caused to him by our reporting. We are pleased to be able to resolve Mr.Kumlin’s complaint by this clarification and apology and save as clarified in this statement concerning Mr.Kumlin and his activities. 

Svante Kumlin

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U.S. Utility-Scale Solar Gains Another Major New Entrant

2022 in review.

Looking back it has been an extraordinary year with more negatives than positives. However going in to 2023 we do want to take the positives of 2022 with us going in to 2023..wishing everyone all the best for the year ahead!